About KeyPoint Systems

KeyPoint Systems Limited is an Information Technology Solution Provider located in the Greater Toronto Area. We are committed to delivering efficient and cost effective solutions to our clients.

KeyPoint Systems Limited specializes in CRM and Sales Force Automation solutions and we have close to 15 years of expertise assisting organizations with the implementation of these critical systems.  

We can assist you with managing your CRM project in the following areas: 

  • Reviewing your current CRM processes and recommending ways to benefit the most from current best practices and features.
  • Configuration / Customization. 
  • Training tailored to your actual processes.
  • Integrations with external applications.

Along with our partners, we also provide a wide range of IT services:

  • Network and Remote Access requirements 
  • Hosting of Cloud Based virtual servers to eliminate on-site hardware and infrastructure costs.
  • Assistance with choosing the right systems to meet your requirements.